In the expansive realm of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Trust Wallet stands as a trusted and user-friendly platform for managing a diverse range of digital assets. Among the myriad of innovative projects making waves in the industry, Ultra has garnered attention for its unique approach to the gaming industry through blockchain technology. This guide is tailored to assist you in Add Ultra to Trust Wallet, enabling you to engage with Ultra’s gaming ecosystem seamlessly.

What Is Ultra?

What Is Ultra?

Ultra is a blockchain-based platform designed to revolutionize the gaming industry by offering a comprehensive ecosystem for gamers and developers. Ultra aims to provide a new breed of gaming experience, where users can purchase games, resell digital games and in-game items, and interact within a social network tailored for gamers. Ultra’s native token, UOS, is utilized within the ecosystem for transactions, purchases, and participation in various features, including game services, digital goods, and advertisements.

How To Add Ultra to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

Before proceeding with adding Ultra to Trust Wallet, ensure the wallet application is installed on your mobile device. Trust Wallet is available for both iOS and Android users and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Follow the app’s instructions to create your wallet. Remember to securely store your recovery phrase, as it is vital for accessing your wallet if you ever need to recover it.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

To add Ultra tokens, start by locating your Trust Wallet’s receiving address. Open Trust Wallet, tap on the “Receive” button, and search for Ultra or UOS in the list of supported assets. If Ultra appears, you can use the generated address to receive UOS tokens directly.

Step 3: Locate Ultra

If Ultra is not immediately visible in Trust Wallet, use the app’s search functionality. Tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner and type in “Ultra” or “UOS” in the search bar. If the token appears in the search results, you can add it to your main wallet screen.

Step 4: Manual Addition of Ultra (If Required)

Should Ultra not appear in the search results, you might need to manually add it to your wallet. This requires the contract address for Ultra tokens, which can be found on official Ultra communications or reputable crypto information platforms. With the contract address, navigate to Trust Wallet, tap the “+” icon to access the token search function, select “Add Custom Token,” switch the network to the appropriate blockchain (e.g., Ethereum, if Ultra is an ERC-20 token), and input the contract address along with other details like name, symbol, and decimals.

Step 5: Acquiring Ultra Tokens

Acquiring Ultra tokens can be done through participating in the Ultra platform, purchasing them on exchanges that list UOS, or via other distribution methods provided by the project. Once you’ve obtained Ultra tokens, transfer them to your Trust Wallet using the “Receive” address you found earlier. Always ensure the address and network are correct to avoid any loss of tokens.

Step 6: Ultra Tokens Management

With Ultra tokens in your Trust Wallet, you can manage them alongside your other cryptocurrencies. Trust Wallet allows you to view your balance, send Ultra tokens to others, and utilize them within the Ultra ecosystem for transactions, gaming, and accessing various features. The wallet’s user-friendly interface simplifies the management of your digital assets.

Can I Add Ultra to Trust Wallet?

Yes, Ultra tokens can be added to Trust Wallet, either by searching for them within the app or by manually adding them using the token’s contract address. Trust Wallet’s extensive support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens ensures you can efficiently manage your Ultra tokens.

About Ultra

Ultra seeks to disrupt the traditional gaming industry by providing a decentralized, blockchain-powered platform that offers greater opportunities and fairness for gamers and developers. By leveraging blockchain technology, Ultra facilitates a vibrant ecosystem where users can buy, play, and resell games and in-game items with ease, fostering a more inclusive and rewarding gaming community.


Adding Ultra to your Trust Wallet enables direct engagement with an exciting and innovative platform at the forefront of gaming and blockchain technology. Whether you are an avid gamer, a game developer, or simply a cryptocurrency enthusiast, Trust Wallet provides a secure and straightforward platform for managing your Ultra tokens and exploring the vast opportunities within the Ultra ecosystem. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to add Ultra to your Trust Wallet and begin your journey into the future of gaming.

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