How to Add Tenset to Trust Wallet? : Step by Step Guide

In the diverse universe of cryptocurrency, Tenset emerges as a unique platform aimed at bridging the gap between traditional investments and digital assets, promoting a deflationary token system that rewards holders and supports project growth. This guide is designed to walk you through the steps to Add Tenset to Trust Wallet, enabling you to securely manage your tokens.

What Is Tenset?

What Is Tenset?

Before we delve into the addition process, it’s essential to understand what Tenset is. Tenset is an innovative project that integrates the Ethereum blockchain’s capabilities with investment fund strategies, incorporating a deflationary token model. The Tenset token (10SET) aims to provide a gateway for investors to benefit from the growth of cryptocurrencies while receiving rewards through tokenomics that encourage holding and reduce supply over time.

How To Add Tenset to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

The initial step in adding Tenset to your portfolio is to have Trust Wallet installed on your mobile device. Trust Wallet is a comprehensive and secure wallet that supports a plethora of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and ERC-20 tokens like Tenset.

  1. Download and Install Trust Wallet: Go to the App Store or Google Play, download Trust Wallet, and install it on your device.
  2. Create a New Wallet: Follow the prompts to create a new wallet. Securely store your recovery phrase in a safe place.
  3. Configure Security Settings: For additional security, enable features like a passcode or biometric authentication.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

Once Trust Wallet is set up, prepare to add Tenset.

  1. Open Trust Wallet: Navigate to the wallet’s main screen.
  2. Tap on ‘Receive’: This will bring up a list of supported cryptocurrencies.
  3. Look for Tenset: If Tenset is directly supported, you will find it here. Otherwise, proceed to the next steps.

Step 3: Locate Tenset

If Tenset doesn’t automatically appear in your Trust Wallet:

  1. Tap on the Search Bar: Located at the top of the ‘Receive’ screen.
  2. Search for ‘Tenset’ or ‘10SET’: Type in the token’s name or ticker.

Step 4: Manual Addition of Tenset (If Required)

Should Tenset not be listed in the search results, you’ll need to add it manually:

  1. Go to Token Management: On the main wallet screen, tap the icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Select ‘Add Custom Token’: Scroll down and tap this option.
  3. Input Tenset Details: Fill in the contract address, name (Tenset), symbol (10SET), and decimals for Tenset. This information can usually be found on the Tenset official website or reputable cryptocurrency information platforms.

Step 5: Acquiring Tenset Tokens

With Tenset added to Trust Wallet, the next step is acquiring the tokens:

  1. Purchase 10SET: Buy Tenset tokens through a supporting exchange and transfer them to your Trust Wallet.
  2. Transfer from Another Wallet: If you already own 10SET in a different wallet, you can send them to your Trust Wallet address.

Step 6: Tenset Tokens Management

Once you have Tenset tokens in your Trust Wallet, you can manage them easily:

  • View Balance: Check your 10SET balance on the main wallet screen.
  • Send 10SET: Use the ‘Send’ option to transfer Tenset tokens to others.
  • Receive 10SET: Share your Tenset address to receive tokens from others.

Can I add Tenset to Trust Wallet?

Yes, adding Tenset to Trust Wallet is possible and straightforward by following the detailed steps outlined in this guide, enabling you to participate in the Tenset ecosystem securely.

About Tenset

Tenset leverages blockchain technology to offer a novel approach to investing, blending traditional investment strategies with the innovative features of cryptocurrencies. The platform’s focus on deflationary tokenomics and rewards for holders positions Tenset as an attractive option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with digital assets.


Adding Tenset to Trust Wallet is a simple process that opens up new opportunities for managing your digital assets securely and efficiently. By following this guide, you ensure your participation in the Tenset ecosystem, taking advantage of the platform’s innovative approach to combine traditional investing with the benefits of cryptocurrency. As the crypto market continues to evolve, embracing projects like Tenset showcases the potential for digital assets to offer unique investment opportunities.

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