How to Add SpaceN to Trust Wallet? : Step by Step Guide

In the dynamic and ever-expanding universe of digital currencies, Add SpaceN to Trust Walletemerges as a premier destination for the safekeeping and management of a wide spectrum of cryptocurrencies. For those who are venturing into the exciting realm of emerging projects like SpaceN, incorporating these tokens into Trust Wallet can significantly enhance the management and security of these digital assets. This comprehensive guide delineates the process for adding SpaceN tokens to Trust Wallet, ensuring users can confidently manage their investments.

What Is SpaceN?

What Is SpaceN?

SpaceN represents a novel initiative within the blockchain domain, aiming to leverage the technology’s power for creating decentralized applications (dApps) that transcend current limitations. While details about its scope and the specific functionalities of its token may vary, the essence of SpaceN is to provide a platform for the development and deployment of innovative blockchain-based solutions. The SpaceN token serves as the lifeblood of this ecosystem, facilitating transactions, governance, and access to unique platform features. Adding SpaceN to Trust Wallet enables users to directly engage with this burgeoning ecosystem, offering a streamlined approach to investment and participation.

How To Add SpaceN to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

The initial step in integrating SpaceN tokens into Trust Wallet is to ensure the app is installed and properly configured on your device.

  1. Download and Installation: Access the App Store or Google Play Store, download Trust Wallet, and follow the setup instructions.
  2. Create or Import a Wallet: Upon launching Trust Wallet, opt to create a new wallet or import an existing one. It is critical for new users to create a wallet and securely store the recovery phrase.
  3. Secure Your Wallet: Activate recommended security measures, including setting a strong password and enabling biometric verification, to safeguard your digital assets.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

Before adding SpaceN tokens, determine the blockchain on which they are issued. Assuming SpaceN tokens are ERC-20 tokens:

  1. Open the Wallet Tab: Launch Trust Wallet and go to the “Wallet” section.
  2. Identify Ethereum (ETH): If Ethereum is not already listed, add it by tapping the “+” icon and searching for Ethereum.
  3. Generate an Ethereum Address: Select Ethereum and tap “Receive” to unveil your Ethereum address. This address will be used to receive SpaceN tokens.

Step 3: Locate SpaceN

Given Trust Wallet’s broad support for various tokens, SpaceN might already be supported.

  1. Search for SpaceN: Employ the search function within the wallet to find SpaceN by entering its name or token symbol. If found, you can easily add it to your wallet.

Step 4: Manual Addition of SpaceN (If Required)

If SpaceN is not listed within Trust Wallet’s default tokens, manual addition may be necessary:

  1. Go to Add Token: In the wallet, tap the “+” icon or select “Add Tokens” found in the upper right corner.
  2. Switch to the Appropriate Network: Ensure you’re on the correct network, such as Ethereum for ERC-20 tokens.
  3. Input Token Details: Enter the contract address for SpaceN, along with the token name, symbol, and decimals. This information is typically available on the official SpaceN website or through reputable cryptocurrency data sources.
  4. Finalize the Addition: Confirm the details and complete the process to add SpaceN to your wallet.

Step 5: Acquiring SpaceN Tokens

With SpaceN added to your Trust Wallet, obtaining the tokens is the subsequent step:

  1. Purchase SpaceN Tokens: If available, buy SpaceN tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange and transfer them to your Trust Wallet using the Ethereum address previously generated.
  2. Receive Tokens Through Transfers: Alternatively, SpaceN tokens might be acquired through transfers from other wallets or participation in SpaceN-specific activities.

Step 6: SpaceN Tokens Management

Having SpaceN tokens in your Trust Wallet allows you to:

  • Monitor Token Balance: Effortlessly view your SpaceN token balance within Trust Wallet.
  • Participate in the SpaceN Ecosystem: Utilize your tokens to engage with the platform, whether for transactions, governance, or accessing specialized features.

Can I add SpaceN to Trust Wallet?

Yes, adding SpaceN to Trust Wallet is feasible, providing users a secure method to manage their SpaceN tokens alongside other cryptocurrencies.

About SpaceN

SpaceN is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, aiming to offer a decentralized platform for the development and execution of cutting-edge dApps. With its native token, SpaceN is poised to revolutionize how blockchain technology is utilized, providing a foundation for the growth and expansion of decentralized applications.


Integrating SpaceN into Trust Wallet facilitates a secure and efficient management of SpaceN tokens, empowering users to seamlessly participate in the project’s ecosystem. This guide ensures that enthusiasts and investors alike can leverage Trust Wallet’s robust features to enhance their engagement with SpaceN, fostering an environment of innovation and growth within the blockchain community. Whether you’re holding SpaceN tokens as an investment or actively engaging with the platform, Trust Wallet provides the tools necessary for a comprehensive and secure digital asset management experience.

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