How to Add r/CryptoCurrency Moons to Trust Wallet? : Step by Step Guide

In the expanding universe of digital currencies and decentralized communities, r/CryptoCurrency Moons represent an innovative approach to rewarding community engagement. As part of the Reddit community tokens, Moons are awarded based on users’ contributions to the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit. For enthusiasts looking to manage these tokens effectively, Trust Wallet provides a secure and versatile platform. This comprehensive guide will take you through the process of Add r/CryptoCurrency Moons to Trust Wallet, ensuring you can securely store, manage, and utilize your Moons.

What Are r/CryptoCurrency Moons?

What Are r/CryptoCurrency Moons?

r/CryptoCurrency Moons are ERC-20 tokens distributed to users of the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit for their contributions to the community. These tokens can be used to access premium features, show appreciation for content through tipping, and participate in governance decisions within the subreddit. As a digital asset rooted in community participation, Moons exemplify the potential of blockchain technology to incentivize and measure engagement in online communities.

How To Add r/CryptoCurrency Moons to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

Before adding r/CryptoCurrency Moons to Trust Wallet, ensure the application is correctly set up on your device:

  1. Download and Installation: Trust Wallet is available for both iOS and Android devices. Download it from the App Store or Google Play Store, then follow the on-screen instructions for installation.
  2. Create or Import a Wallet: Upon launching Trust Wallet, choose to create a new wallet or import an existing one. For new users, creating a wallet is recommended. Be sure to securely store your recovery phrase.
  3. Secure Your Wallet: Activate the recommended security features, such as a strong password and biometric authentication, to protect your digital assets.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

To receive r/CryptoCurrency Moons, you need to know the blockchain on which they operate. Moons are distributed on the Ethereum blockchain as part of the Reddit Community Points system:

  1. Access the Wallet Section: Open Trust Wallet and navigate to the “Wallet” tab.
  2. Find Ethereum (ETH): Since Moons are ERC-20 tokens, locate Ethereum in your asset list. If it’s not there, add it by tapping the “+” icon and searching for Ethereum.
  3. Generate an Ethereum Address: Select Ethereum and tap “Receive” to display your Ethereum address. This address will be used to receive r/CryptoCurrency Moons.

Step 3: Locate r/CryptoCurrency Moons

Trust Wallet supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies and tokens directly, so it’s possible that r/CryptoCurrency Moons are already supported:

  1. Search for r/CryptoCurrency Moons: Use the wallet’s search feature to look for Moons by entering “Moons” or their ticker. If available, proceed to add them directly to your wallet.

Step 4: Manual Addition of r/CryptoCurrency Moons (If Required)

If r/CryptoCurrency Moons are not listed in Trust Wallet’s default tokens, you may need to add them manually:

  1. Go to Add Token: Tap the “+” icon or select “Add Tokens” located at the top right corner.
  2. Switch to the Ethereum Network: Ensure you’re adding the token on the Ethereum network.
  3. Enter Token Details: Input the contract address for r/CryptoCurrency Moons, along with the token name, symbol, and decimals. This information can often be found on the official Reddit or r/CryptoCurrency subreddit.
  4. Complete the Process: After verifying the details, finalize the addition of r/CryptoCurrency Moons to your wallet.

Step 5: Acquiring r/CryptoCurrency Moons

With Moons now added to Trust Wallet, acquiring them involves participation in the r/CryptoCurrency community:

  1. Earn Moons: Engage with the subreddit by posting quality content and contributing to discussions. Moons are distributed based on community engagement and contribution.
  2. Receive Moons: You can also receive Moons directly from other users as tips or through transfers.

Step 6: r/CryptoCurrency Moons Management

Once you have r/CryptoCurrency Moons in Trust Wallet, you can:

  • Monitor Your Balance: Keep track of your Moons and manage your digital asset portfolio within Trust Wallet.
  • Utilize Moons: Use your Moons to access premium features on Reddit, participate in governance, or tip other users for their contributions.

Can I add r/CryptoCurrency Moons to Trust Wallet?

Yes, adding r/CryptoCurrency Moons to Trust Wallet is possible, enabling secure management of your tokens and active participation in the Reddit community’s governance and reward system.

About r/CryptoCurrency Moons

r/CryptoCurrency Moons are at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology with social media and community engagement. By rewarding quality content and participation, Moons serve as a practical application of digital currencies to foster online community growth and interaction.


Adding r/CryptoCurrency Moons to Trust Wallet is a straightforward process that empowers Reddit community members to manage their rewards securely. Whether you’re an active contributor to the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit or looking to explore the potential of community tokens, Trust Wallet offers a comprehensive solution for storing and managing your Moons. Follow this guide to ensure you’re fully equipped to participate in the innovative world of community points and digital engagement.

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