How to Add Push Protocol to Trust Wallet? : Step by Step Guide

With the decentralized finance (DeFi) and decentralized applications (dApps) landscape rapidly growing, the need for efficient, secure ways to manage various cryptocurrencies and tokens has never been higher. Trust Wallet, a prominent mobile cryptocurrency wallet, offers a seamless solution for users looking to engage with this evolving digital economy. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough for Add Push Protocol to Trust Wallet, ensuring you can manage your digital assets efficiently in one place.

What Is Push Protocol?

What Is Push Protocol?

Push Protocol, formerly known as Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS), is a decentralized notification protocol that enables users (wallet addresses) to receive notifications and earn crypto for opting in to services across any blockchain, dApp, or smart contract. The protocol’s native token, PUSH, plays a vital role in facilitating these interactions, serving as both a utility and governance token within the ecosystem. By integrating Push Protocol with Trust Wallet, users can ensure they remain connected and informed on key updates and opportunities within the DeFi space.

How To Add Push Protocol to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

Before you can add Push Protocol tokens to your Trust Wallet, you must first have the wallet installed and properly set up on your device.

  1. Download and Install Trust Wallet: Visit the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, download Trust Wallet, and follow the installation prompts.
  2. Create or Import a Wallet: Upon opening the app, choose to either create a new wallet or import an existing one by following the on-screen instructions. For new users, creating a new wallet is recommended.
  3. Secure Your Wallet: Safeguard your wallet by securely storing the recovery phrase provided during setup. Also, enable all available security features, such as a passcode or biometric authentication, to enhance the security of your wallet.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

To add Push Protocol tokens, it’s essential to have an Ethereum address, as PUSH tokens are ERC-20 tokens residing on the Ethereum blockchain.

  1. Open the Wallet Tab: Launch Trust Wallet and select the “Wallet” tab.
  2. Locate Ethereum (ETH): Scroll through or use the search function to find Ethereum. If it’s not already enabled, add it by tapping the “+” icon and searching for Ethereum.
  3. Receive Ethereum: Tap on Ethereum and then the “Receive” button to display your Ethereum address. This address will be necessary for receiving PUSH tokens.

Step 3: Locate Push Protocol

Given Trust Wallet’s extensive support for various cryptocurrencies and tokens, Push Protocol may already be available within the wallet.

  1. Search for Push Protocol: Use the search functionality in the wallet to look for Push Protocol. If it appears, you can enable it right away.

Step 4: Manual Addition of Push Protocol (If Required)

If Push Protocol is not automatically listed:

  1. Add Custom Token: Go to the top-right corner of the wallet interface and select the option to add a custom token.
  2. Switch to the Ethereum Network: Ensure you are adding the token under the Ethereum network, as PUSH is an ERC-20 token.
  3. Enter Token Details: Input the contract address for Push Protocol (which can be found on the official Push Protocol website or reputable crypto asset platforms), the token name (Push Protocol), symbol (PUSH), and decimals (usually 18 for ERC-20 tokens).
  4. Complete the Addition: After verifying the details, finalize adding Push Protocol to your wallet.

Step 5: Acquiring Push Protocol Tokens

With Push Protocol now added, the next step is to obtain PUSH tokens:

  1. Buy PUSH Tokens: Purchase PUSH tokens on any cryptocurrency exchange that lists them, and then transfer the tokens to your Trust Wallet Ethereum address.
  2. Swap within Trust Wallet: If the feature is available, you might be able to directly swap Ethereum or other tokens for PUSH using Trust Wallet’s built-in DEX.

Step 6: Push Protocol Tokens Management

After acquiring PUSH tokens, within Trust Wallet, you can:

  • Monitor Your Balance: Check your PUSH token balance at any time.
  • Engage with Push Protocol: Use your PUSH tokens to participate in governance, receive notifications, and interact with the Push Protocol ecosystem.

Can I add Push Protocol to Trust Wallet?

Yes, adding Push Protocol (PUSH) to Trust Wallet is achievable through direct support or by manually entering the token’s contract details, allowing for seamless management of PUSH tokens.

About Push Protocol

Push Protocol stands as a pioneering solution in the blockchain space, offering a decentralized notification service that bridges the gap between dApps and their users. By empowering users with timely, relevant updates while rewarding their engagement, Push Protocol enhances the overall user experience within the DeFi and broader blockchain ecosystem.


Integrating Push Protocol into Trust Wallet not only simplifies the management of PUSH tokens but also connects users more closely to the innovative services and opportunities within the Push Protocol ecosystem. Following this guide ensures that your digital assets are securely managed and that you remain at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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