The integration of cryptocurrencies into daily financial operations has become more seamless thanks to a myriad of blockchain projects and protocols available today. One such intriguing project is the KLEVA Protocol, which aims to bring innovative solutions to the DeFi space. This guide will walk you through the process of Add KLEVA Protocol to Trust Wallet, enabling you to manage and trade KLEVA tokens effectively.

What Is KLEVA Protocol?

What Is KLEVA Protocol?

Before diving into the addition process, let’s understand what KLEVA Protocol is. KLEVA Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform designed to offer a range of financial services including but not limited to lending, borrowing, and staking within the blockchain ecosystem. It emphasizes user-friendly experiences, security, and interoperability among different blockchain networks. The protocol’s native token, KLEVA, plays a central role in governance, transactions, and incentivization within its ecosystem.

How To Add KLEVA Protocol to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

To start, you need to have Trust Wallet installed on your mobile device. Trust Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain tokens, and now, KLEVA Protocol tokens. Follow these steps to install and set up your wallet:

  1. Download Trust Wallet from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app and follow the instructions to create a new wallet. Make sure to securely store your recovery phrase.
  3. Once your wallet is set up, you’re ready to add cryptocurrencies.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

Adding KLEVA Protocol to your wallet involves using the ‘Receive’ function within Trust Wallet. This function generates a wallet address that can receive KLEVA tokens. Here’s how:

  1. Open Trust Wallet and tap on the ‘Receive’ icon.
  2. Search for KLEVA Protocol in the list of supported assets. If you can’t find it, you might need to manually add it as described in the following steps.

Step 3: Locate KLEVA Protocol

To find KLEVA Protocol within Trust Wallet, you can use the search function. However, if KLEVA Protocol is not automatically listed in Trust Wallet, you’ll need to add it manually.

Step 4: Manual Addition of KLEVA Protocol (If Required)

If KLEVA Protocol doesn’t appear in the search results, you need to manually add the token by following these steps:

  1. Find the official contract address for KLEVA Protocol from a reliable source, such as the project’s official website or verified social media channels.
  2. In Trust Wallet, tap on the top-right icon to access the token search.
  3. At the top of the screen, you’ll find an option to ‘Add Custom Token’. Select this and ensure you’re on the correct network (e.g., Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain) that KLEVA Protocol operates on.
  4. Enter the contract address, and the app should automatically fill in the rest of the details for KLEVA Protocol. Save the information to add the token to your wallet.

Step 5: Acquiring KLEVA Protocol Tokens

With KLEVA Protocol added to your Trust Wallet, the next step is to acquire some tokens. You can purchase KLEVA tokens through supported exchanges or participate in protocol activities that reward users with KLEVA. After obtaining the tokens, you can transfer them to your Trust Wallet address.

Step 6: KLEVA Protocol Tokens Management

After receiving KLEVA tokens in your Trust Wallet, you can manage them directly within the app. Trust Wallet allows you to send, receive, and stake KLEVA tokens. Additionally, you can monitor your balance and interact with DeFi applications using WalletConnect.

Can I add KLEVA Protocol to Trust Wallet?

Yes, you can add KLEVA Protocol to Trust Wallet. By following the steps outlined above, you can manually add KLEVA tokens to your wallet if they’re not automatically listed. This enables you to manage and transact with KLEVA tokens directly from your mobile device.

About KLEVA Protocol

KLEVA Protocol is a cutting-edge DeFi platform that seeks to simplify and secure the process of engaging with decentralized financial services. Its native token, KLEVA, is at the heart of its ecosystem, facilitating transactions, governance, and incentivization. As the DeFi space continues to evolve, KLEVA Protocol aims to be at the forefront of innovation, offering a robust and user-friendly platform for its users.


Adding KLEVA Protocol to Trust Wallet is a straightforward process that opens up a world of possibilities for managing your digital assets. Whether you’re looking to trade, stake, or simply hold your KLEVA tokens, Trust Wallet provides a secure and convenient platform for all your DeFi needs. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can start exploring the benefits of KLEVA Protocol and participate in the growing DeFi ecosystem.

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