How to Add Kleros to Trust Wallet? : Step by Step Guide

In the innovative realm of blockchain and decentralized justice, Kleros stands out as a pioneering platform, leveraging blockchain technology to resolve disputes in a transparent and efficient manner. This comprehensive guide is designed to walk you through the process of Add Kleros to Trust Wallet, ensuring you can securely manage and engage with the Kleros ecosystem from the convenience of your mobile device.

What Is Kleros?

What Is Kleros?

Kleros is a decentralized arbitration service for the digital age, built on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to provide fast, secure, and cost-effective dispute resolution for a wide range of applications, including e-commerce, finance, and intellectual property. At the heart of Kleros is the PNK token, which jurors stake to participate in dispute resolution, incentivizing honesty and accuracy in verdicts. Kleros’s innovative approach to justice has garnered attention for its potential to revolutionize how disputes are resolved in the digital world.

How To Add Kleros to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

The first step to adding Kleros to your digital asset portfolio is installing Trust Wallet on your smartphone. Trust Wallet is a versatile and secure mobile cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens like PNK. Download Trust Wallet from the App Store or Google Play Store, then follow the prompts to create a new wallet. Remember to securely back up your recovery phrase in a safe place, as it’s crucial for accessing your funds if you lose access to your device.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

Once Trust Wallet is set up, navigate to the main screen where your current assets are displayed. Look for the “Receive” button, which is necessary for adding new cryptocurrencies, including Kleros tokens, to your wallet. This function generates a wallet address where PNK tokens can be received.

Step 3: Locate Kleros

Use the search function within Trust Wallet to find Kleros by typing “Kleros” or “PNK” in the search bar. If Kleros is supported directly by Trust Wallet, it will appear in the search results. Select it to access your wallet’s specific address for receiving Kleros tokens.

Step 4: Manual Addition of Kleros (If Required)

If Kleros does not appear in Trust Wallet’s list of directly supported assets, you’ll need to add it manually. Access the “Add Custom Token” option within the app, often indicated by a “+” sign or found in a settings menu. For this step, you will need the contract address for Kleros, which can be found on the official Kleros website or reputable cryptocurrency information platforms. Input the contract address to manually add Kleros to your wallet’s list of assets.

Step 5: Acquiring Kleros Tokens

To obtain Kleros tokens, you can participate in the Kleros ecosystem, purchase them on cryptocurrency exchanges that list PNK, or receive them through community distributions or airdrops. Once you have Kleros tokens, use the receiving address generated in Step 2 to transfer them to your Trust Wallet.

Step 6: Kleros Tokens Management

With Kleros tokens in your Trust Wallet, you can manage them alongside your other cryptocurrency holdings. This includes sending PNK to other addresses, receiving more tokens, and keeping track of your Kleros token balance within the Trust Wallet app.

Can I add Kleros to Trust Wallet?

Yes, adding Kleros to Trust Wallet is possible and allows you to securely manage your PNK tokens. Whether Kleros is automatically recognized by Trust Wallet or needs to be added manually using the contract address, the platform provides a comprehensive solution for managing a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

About Kleros

Kleros leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform for dispute resolution, offering a novel solution to the challenges of digital justice. By empowering jurors with PNK tokens to adjudicate disputes, Kleros stands as a testament to the innovative applications of blockchain technology beyond traditional finance.


Adding Kleros to Trust Wallet empowers you to engage with the groundbreaking Kleros platform, participating in the future of decentralized justice. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively manage your PNK tokens, contributing to a more transparent and equitable system of dispute resolution. Always ensure the security of your recovery phrase and practice safe transaction habits to fully enjoy the benefits of Trust Wallet and the Kleros ecosystem.

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