How to Add Fei USD to Trust Wallet? : Step by Step Guide

In the constantly evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, managing and securing digital assets is of paramount importance. Trust Wallet, a highly regarded mobile cryptocurrency wallet, provides a robust solution for the safekeeping of a diverse range of digital assets. This guide is specifically tailored to assist users inAdd Fei USD to Trust Wallet. By following these instructions, users can efficiently manage their Fei USD tokens alongside their other cryptocurrencies within a single, secure environment.

What Is Fei USD?

What Is Fei USD?

Fei USD (FEI) is a stablecoin that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to offer a stable value relative to the US Dollar, leveraging automated mechanisms to maintain its peg. Fei USD distinguishes itself from other stablecoins through its decentralized, algorithmic approach to maintaining price stability, making it an intriguing option for users seeking minimal volatility in the cryptocurrency market. Integrating Fei USD into Trust Wallet enables users to engage with the broader DeFi ecosystem while benefiting from the stablecoin’s unique features.

How To Add Fei USD to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

Before adding Fei USD to your Trust Wallet, ensure that the wallet is correctly set up on your device.

  1. Download and Installation: Download Trust Wallet from the App Store or Google Play Store and complete the installation process.
  2. Create or Import a Wallet: Upon opening the app, choose to either create a new wallet or import an existing one. New users should opt for creating a new wallet, following the prompts and securely backing up the provided recovery phrase.
  3. Secure Your Wallet: Implement all recommended security measures, such as setting a strong passcode and enabling biometric authentication, to enhance the security of your wallet.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

To add Fei USD, you’ll need an Ethereum address, as Fei USD is an ERC-20 token.

  1. Go to the Wallet Tab: Open Trust Wallet and select the “Wallet” tab.
  2. Locate Ethereum (ETH): Scroll through or use the search function to find Ethereum. If not already present, you can add it by tapping the “+” icon and searching for Ethereum.
  3. Generate Ethereum Address: Tap on Ethereum and then the “Receive” button to reveal your Ethereum address. This address will be used for receiving Fei USD tokens.

Step 3: Locate Fei USD

Check if Trust Wallet directly supports Fei USD by using the search function within the app.

  1. Search for Fei USD: Use the wallet’s search feature to find Fei USD by typing “FEI”. If it appears, proceed to enable it directly.

Step 4: Manual Addition of Fei USD (If Required)

If Fei USD is not listed in Trust Wallet’s default assets, you may need to add it manually:

  1. Navigate to Add Token: Tap the “+” or “Add Tokens” option in the top-right corner of the wallet.
  2. Enter Fei USD Details: You will need to provide the token’s contract address, name (Fei USD), symbol (FEI), and decimals (usually 18). This information can be found on the official Fei Protocol website or reputable crypto data platforms.
  3. Complete the Process: After verifying the information, complete the addition of Fei USD to your wallet.

Step 5: Acquiring Fei USD Tokens

With Fei USD now added to your wallet, the next step is to obtain FEI tokens:

  1. Purchase FEI Tokens: Acquire FEI on any cryptocurrency exchange that lists them and transfer the tokens to your Trust Wallet Ethereum address.
  2. Receive FEI Through Transfers: Alternatively, you may receive FEI through transfers from other wallets or as part of participating in DeFi platforms that integrate Fei USD.

Step 6: Fei USD Tokens Management

Once you have FEI tokens in Trust Wallet, you can:

  • View Your Balance: Easily monitor your Fei USD token balance within Trust Wallet.
  • Engage with DeFi Platforms: Utilize your FEI tokens to participate in the DeFi ecosystem, taking advantage of stablecoin-specific opportunities and functionalities.

Can I add Fei USD to Trust Wallet?

Yes, adding Fei USD (FEI) to Trust Wallet is feasible, allowing users to manage their FEI tokens securely alongside their other cryptocurrencies.

About Fei USD

Fei USD represents a significant advancement in the stablecoin space, offering a decentralized, algorithmic approach to maintaining its peg to the US Dollar. By leveraging dynamic mechanisms to adjust supply based on demand, Fei USD aims to provide a stable, scalable, and decentralized stablecoin solution for the DeFi ecosystem.


Integrating Fei USD into Trust Wallet enhances your cryptocurrency management experience, providing a secure and convenient way to store, manage, and utilize FEI tokens. Whether you’re participating in DeFi platforms, seeking to hold a stable digital currency, or simply diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio, Trust Wallet offers the tools needed for effective and efficient digital asset management. Following this guide ensures that you can leverage the stability and innovation of Fei USD within the robust environment of Trust Wallet.

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