In the dynamic and ever-expanding world of cryptocurrencies, Trust Wallet stands as a reliable and user-friendly platform for managing a broad spectrum of digital assets. Among the plethora of innovative projects making waves in the crypto space, cheqd is garnering attention for its unique approach to digital identity and payments. This guide is meticulously designed to walk you through the process of Add cheqd to Trust Wallet, enabling you to interact seamlessly with the cheqd ecosystem.

What Is cheqd?

What Is cheqd?

cheqd is a blockchain-based project focused on creating a decentralized framework for identity and payments. It aims to empower individuals and organizations with control over their digital identities, allowing them to share and verify personal information securely and efficiently. The native token of cheqd, often referred to simply as “CHEQ,” facilitates transactions within the ecosystem, serving as a medium for payment, governance, and incentivization.

How To Add cheqd to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

Before adding cheqd tokens to your Trust Wallet, ensure that the app is installed on your mobile device. Trust Wallet is available for both iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After installation, follow the setup instructions to create your wallet, paying particular attention to securely store your recovery phrase.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

To prepare for receiving cheqd tokens, locate your Trust Wallet’s receiving address. Open Trust Wallet, tap on the “Receive” button, and search for Ethereum (ETH) or the specific blockchain network cheqd tokens are issued on, as they are likely ERC-20 tokens. Use the generated address for receiving CHEQ tokens.

Step 3: Locate cheqd

Initially, check if cheqd tokens are directly supported by Trust Wallet by using the search function. Tap the magnifying glass icon and enter “cheqd” or “CHEQ” in the search bar. If CHEQ appears in the search results, you can easily add it to your main wallet interface.

Step 4: Manual Addition of cheqd (If Required)

If cheqd does not appear in Trust Wallet’s search results, you may need to manually add it. Obtain the contract address for CHEQ from the official cheqd website or a reputable cryptocurrency information source. Navigate to Trust Wallet, tap the “+” icon to access the token search function, select “Add Custom Token,” switch the network to Ethereum, and input the contract address along with other token details like name, symbol, and decimals.

Step 5: Acquiring cheqd Tokens

Acquiring cheqd tokens can be done through participating in token sales, purchasing them on cryptocurrency exchanges that list CHEQ, or via other distribution methods provided by the project. Once you’ve obtained cheqd tokens, transfer them to your Trust Wallet using the Ethereum “Receive” address you located earlier. Ensure the address and network are correct for a successful transfer.

Step 6: cheqd Tokens Management

With cheqd tokens in your Trust Wallet, you can manage them alongside your other cryptocurrencies. Trust Wallet allows you to view your balance, send CHEQ tokens to others, and utilize them within the cheqd ecosystem for identity verification, governance, or accessing specific platform features. The wallet’s user-friendly interface simplifies the management of your digital assets.

Can I Add cheqd to Trust Wallet?

Yes, cheqd tokens can be added to Trust Wallet, either by searching for them within the app or by manually adding them using the token’s contract address. Trust Wallet’s extensive support for ERC-20 tokens ensures you can efficiently manage your CHEQ holdings.

About cheqd

cheqd is at the forefront of leveraging blockchain technology to address critical challenges in digital identity and privacy. By providing a secure and decentralized platform for identity verification and payments, cheqd is paving the way for greater control and ownership of personal data in the digital age.


Adding cheqd to your Trust Wallet enables you to directly engage with an innovative platform dedicated to transforming digital identity and privacy. Whether you are an individual seeking greater control over your personal data or an organization looking to streamline identity verification processes, Trust Wallet provides a secure and straightforward platform for managing your CHEQ tokens and exploring the opportunities within the cheqd ecosystem. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to add cheqd to your Trust Wallet and begin participating in the future of digital identity.

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