How to Add Bitgert to Trust Wallet? : Step by Step Guide

Add Bitgert to Trust Wallet offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts a seamless and secure way to manage their Bitgert tokens. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to expand, Bitgert has emerged as a notable project, known for its promise of delivering high-speed and low-cost blockchain solutions. Trust Wallet, renowned for its robust security features and support for a wide array of cryptocurrencies, provides an ideal platform for storing, sending, and receiving BRISE. This guide aims to simplify the process of adding Bitgert to your Trust Wallet, ensuring that you can effortlessly manage your tokens and engage with the Bitgert ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the crypto world, integrating Bitgert into Trust Wallet enhances your digital asset management experience by combining convenience with security.

What Is Bitgert?

Bitgert, also known by its token symbol BRISE, is a cryptocurrency project that has garnered attention for its focus on building a fast and cost-effective blockchain ecosystem. Launched in mid-2021, Bitgert aims to address some of the common challenges faced by existing blockchain platforms, such as high transaction fees and slow processing times. The project distinguishes itself by promising near-zero gas fees and high transaction speeds, positioning itself as an attractive option for developers and users looking for efficient blockchain solutions.

How To Add Bitgert to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

Download Trust Wallet from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Setup your wallet by following the app’s instructions. Securely store your recovery phrase.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

Navigate to the ‘Receive’ section within Trust Wallet to find your wallet address.

Step 3: Locate Bitgert

Bitgert (BRISE) might not be visible by default. Tap the “+” icon to search for Bitgert in the list of assets.

Step 4: Manual Addition of Bitgert (If Required)

If Bitgert is not listed, you may need to add it manually:

Tap on the “+” sign on the top right corner of the main screen.

Use the search bar to find “Bitgert”. If it doesn’t appear, you might need to add it by its contract address. Ensure you select the correct network (BEP-20 for BRISE).

Input the contract address, name, symbol, and decimals manually.

Step 5: Acquiring Bitgert Tokens

Share your wallet address to receive Bitgert tokens, or use it to transfer Bitgert tokens from another wallet or exchange.

Step 6: Bitgert Tokens Management

With Bitgert tokens in your Trust Wallet, you can view your balance, send, and receive Bitgert tokens directly within the app.

Can I Add Bitgert to Trust Wallet?

Yes, you can add Bitgert (BRISE) to Trust Wallet. While Bitgert may not be automatically listed in Trust Wallet’s default assets, you can manually add it using the token’s contract address, provided Trust Wallet supports the blockchain network Bitgert is on (typically BEP-20 for BRISE).

About Bitgert

Bitgert, known for its native token BRISE, is a cryptocurrency project that has gained attention for its commitment to delivering a fast and cost-effective blockchain solution. It aims to address common blockchain issues such as high gas fees and slow transaction speeds. Bitgert’s blockchain boasts near-zero gas fees and high throughput, making it an attractive platform for developers and users seeking efficient and affordable blockchain services.


Bitgert into Trust Wallet is a straightforward process that enhances your ability to securely manage your BRISE tokens. Bitgert’s innovative approach to solving traditional blockchain problems positions it as an intriguing project in the cryptocurrency space. By adding Bitgert to your Trust Wallet, you gain the flexibility to engage with the Bitgert ecosystem, ensuring your transactions are both cost-effective and swift.

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Bitgert (also known as Brise) is a cryptocurrency project focused on blockchain speed and eliminating gas fees. It claims to have developed a high-speed blockchain infrastructure that significantly reduces transaction costs and time.

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Adding Bitgert to Trust Wallet

Adding Bitgert (BRISE) to Trust Wallet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bitgert (BRISE) has emerged as a notable player in the blockchain space, aiming to offer a high-speed, zero-fee blockchain solution. Its mission is to provide scalable and cost-effective blockchain infrastructure, appealing to developers and users looking for efficient transaction solutions. Trust Wallet, recognized for its support of a wide array of cryptocurrencies, offers a seamless way to manage your Bitgert tokens. This guide is dedicated to helping you add Bitgert (BRISE) to your Trust Wallet, facilitating your engagement with this innovative blockchain ecosystem.

Why Add Bitgert to Trust Wallet?

Integrating Bitgert into Trust Wallet enables users to directly interact with the Bitgert ecosystem, harnessing the potential of its high-speed, low-cost blockchain. By adding BRISE to your wallet, you unlock the ability to participate in transactions, staking, and various other activities within the Bitgert network, all while benefiting from Trust Wallet’s secure and user-friendly interface.


Ensure your Trust Wallet is up-to-date to guarantee compatibility with Bitgert and to access the latest features of the wallet. Although Bitgert boasts zero fees for transactions within its network, maintaining a small balance of BNB or another network token may be necessary for initial token transfer fees into your Trust Wallet.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Bitgert to Trust Wallet

  1. Open Trust Wallet and navigate to the wallet tab to initiate the process.
  2. Tap on the plus icon in the upper right corner to access the token search function.
  3. Since Bitgert (BRISE) operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a BEP-20 token, you may need to search for ‘Bitgert’ or ‘BRISE’. If it doesn’t appear in the search results, you’ll have to add it manually.
  4. To add Bitgert manually, select “Add Custom Token.” Change the network to Smart Chain (BSC), and enter Bitgert’s contract address, along with other details such as name (Bitgert), symbol (BRISE), and decimals (usually 18). You can find the contract address on the official Bitgert website or a reputable crypto asset tracking platform.
  5. Confirm the addition by saving the new token. Bitgert (BRISE) should now be visible in your Trust Wallet, ready for receiving and sending.

What to Do After Adding Bitgert

With Bitgert successfully added to your Trust Wallet, you’re all set to explore the opportunities within the Bitgert ecosystem. Engage in transactions without worrying about high fees, participate in the network’s staking programs, or explore the various dApps that are being developed on Bitgert’s fast and efficient blockchain.

Safety Tips

While navigating the Bitgert network through Trust Wallet, prioritize the security of your digital assets. Never share your recovery phrase or private keys with anyone, and always verify transaction details before sending. Staying updated with the latest version of Trust Wallet ensures you have the most recent security features.


Adding Bitgert (BRISE) to Trust Wallet is a straightforward process that opens the door to a new realm of blockchain efficiency and innovation. Whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast looking to explore new ecosystems, or a user in search of fast and cost-effective transaction solutions, Bitgert and Trust Wallet together provide a powerful combination for engaging with the digital economy. Follow this guide to seamlessly integrate Bitgert into your Trust Wallet, and take the first step towards leveraging the advantages of this emerging blockchain technology.