In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, staking platforms like Ankr offer innovative ways to earn rewards by supporting network operations, particularly through staked assets like Ethereum (ETH). Trust Wallet, a widely utilized mobile wallet, provides an efficient solution for managing these digital assets. This article will guide you through the process of Add Ankr Staked ETH to Trust Wallet, ensuring you can securely manage and access your staked assets.

What Is Ankr Staked ETH?

What Is Ankr Staked ETH?

Ankr’s staked ETH is a representation of Ethereum that has been staked through Ankr’s staking services. It allows users to earn staking rewards on the Ethereum 2.0 network without needing to stake the full minimum deposit of 32 ETH required for direct participation. Ankr Staked ETH (aETH) represents your staked ETH plus earned rewards, accruing value over time as rewards are added. This makes aETH an appealing option for investors looking to benefit from Ethereum staking without the higher barriers to entry.

How To Add Ankr Staked ETH to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Install and Configure Trust Wallet

The initial step in managing your Ankr Staked ETH in Trust Wallet is to install the Trust Wallet app on your mobile device, available for both iOS and Android platforms. After installation, set up your wallet by either creating a new one or importing an existing one. Securely note your recovery phrase, as it is crucial for accessing your wallet.

Step 2: Utilize the Wallet’s ‘Receive’ Function

Although Trust Wallet is primarily designed for handling cryptocurrencies and tokens directly, it can also be adapted to manage representations of staked assets like Ankr Staked ETH. Start by tapping the ‘Receive’ button within the app, which is typically used for acquiring tokens.

Step 3: Locate Ankr Staked ETH

Since Ankr Staked ETH (aETH) is an ERC-20 token representing staked Ethereum, you will need to ensure that Trust Wallet can interact with Ethereum-based assets. Use the search function within Trust Wallet to find Ethereum, as it is the underlying blockchain for aETH.

Step 4: Manual Addition of Ankr Staked ETH (If Required)

If Ankr Staked ETH doesn’t automatically appear in your Trust Wallet asset list (since it’s a specific type of ERC-20 token), you may need to add it manually. To do this, tap on the icon to add a new token, select “Ethereum” as the network, and enter the contract address for Ankr Staked ETH. You can usually find this address on Ankr’s official website or through reputable cryptocurrency data platforms. Complete the fields for the token’s name (Ankr Staked ETH), symbol (aETH), and decimals, which you can also find online.

Step 5: Acquiring Ankr Staked ETH Tokens

To acquire Ankr Staked ETH, you can participate in staking on the Ankr platform or purchase aETH directly from exchanges that list it. Once obtained, you can transfer your aETH tokens to your Trust Wallet by using your wallet’s Ethereum address. Ensure that you are sending the tokens to the correct address to prevent loss.

Step 6: Ankr Staked ETH Tokens Management

With Ankr Staked ETH added to your Trust Wallet, you can easily manage these assets. This includes keeping track of your aETH balance and any staking rewards accrued over time. Trust Wallet’s user-friendly interface simplifies the process of sending and receiving aETH tokens.

Can I Add Ankr Staked ETH to Trust Wallet?

Yes, it is entirely possible to add Ankr Staked ETH to Trust Wallet by following the steps outlined above. This ensures that you can manage your staked Ethereum alongside other cryptocurrency assets within a single, secure platform.

About Ankr Staked ETH

Ankr Staked ETH represents an accessible way for investors to engage with Ethereum’s staking mechanism, offering a flexible solution without the need for significant capital investment. It embodies the principles of decentralized finance (DeFi) by making staking more accessible to a broader audience.


Adding Ankr Staked ETH to Trust Wallet is a straightforward process that enhances your ability to manage staked assets securely. By following the detailed instructions provided, users can effectively track and control their Ankr Staked ETH, ensuring they are well-positioned to capitalize on the rewards of Ethereum staking. This integration exemplifies the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, where innovative solutions like Ankr provide valuable opportunities for investors.

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