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how to add dfk to trust wallet

Possibly a project in the DeFi or gaming sector, requiring further details for a precise summary.



DFK could refer to a specific project within the Web3 or blockchain space, potentially a game or a platform. Without further details, it’s hard to provide an accurate description. It could be shorthand for a project name or an acronym for a DeFi application.

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Adding DFK’s JEWEL to Trust Wallet

Adding DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) JEWEL to Trust Wallet: A Guide

DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) is a unique blend of a game, a decentralized exchange (DEX), a liquidity pool opportunity, and a market of rare utility-driven NFTs, all wrapped in an engaging fantasy-themed interface. It’s built on the Harmony blockchain, leveraging the benefits of low transaction fees and high-speed confirmations to enhance user experience. With its native token, JEWEL, serving as the cornerstone of in-game transactions, staking, and governance, engaging with DeFi Kingdoms offers a compelling experience for gamers and DeFi enthusiasts alike. This guide will navigate you through the process of adding DFK’s JEWEL token to your Trust Wallet, ensuring you’re equipped to participate fully in the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem.

Why Add DFK to Trust Wallet?

Adding JEWEL, the native token of DeFi Kingdoms, to Trust Wallet enables you to manage your gaming assets and DeFi investments within a single, secure platform. It facilitates easy transactions within the DeFi Kingdoms game, participation in liquidity pools, and access to governance mechanisms, all from your mobile device. Whether you’re looking to trade JEWEL, stake it for rewards, or use it in-game, Trust Wallet provides a convenient solution for all your DFK needs.


Ensure your Trust Wallet app is up to date to guarantee compatibility with JEWEL and to access the latest features and security updates. Since DeFi Kingdoms operates on the Harmony blockchain, having a small amount of ONE (Harmony’s native token) in your wallet is advisable to cover transaction fees when interacting with the game or executing transactions on the blockchain.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding DFK to Trust Wallet

  1. Open Trust Wallet and proceed to the wallet tab to start the addition process.
  2. Tap on the plus icon in the top right corner to access the token search function.
  3. Since JEWEL is an ERC-20 token on the Harmony blockchain, you might need to search for JEWEL by typing its name into the search bar. If JEWEL is supported natively by Trust Wallet, it should appear in the search results.
  4. Enable JEWEL by toggling the switch next to it. This action ensures that you can manage JEWEL directly from your Trust Wallet.
  5. If JEWEL does not appear in the search results or you need to add it as a custom token, select “Add Custom Token,” switch the network to Harmony, and enter the token’s contract address, name (JEWEL), symbol (JEWEL), and decimals (usually 18). You can find this information on the DeFi Kingdoms website or reputable crypto asset tracking platforms.
  6. Confirm the addition by tapping “Save” or the equivalent option. JEWEL should now be visible in your Trust Wallet, ready for receiving, storing, and managing.

What to Do After Adding DFK

With JEWEL added to your Trust Wallet, you’re all set to dive into DeFi Kingdoms. You can use JEWEL for in-game transactions, stake it in liquidity pools for rewards, or participate in the game’s governance. Exploring the marketplace for NFTs and other in-game assets can further enhance your DeFi Kingdoms experience.

Safety Tips

When managing cryptocurrencies and interacting with blockchain-based games, maintaining the security of your digital assets is paramount. Keep your Trust Wallet recovery phrase in a secure location, never share it, and ensure your device is protected. Always verify transaction details carefully before confirming, and stay vigilant against phishing attempts and scams. Regularly updating your Trust Wallet ensures you have the latest security features and support for networks like Harmony.


Adding DFK’s JEWEL to Trust Wallet is a straightforward process that unlocks the full potential of engaging with the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, a DeFi enthusiast, or both, Trust Wallet provides a secure and user-friendly platform for managing your JEWEL tokens. By following this guide, you can seamlessly integrate JEWEL into your Trust Wallet, enabling you to explore the vast opportunities within DeFi Kingdoms and beyond.


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